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01.05.2017, 17:56
Hi, I received P4 and a sensor flow some days ago.

In a chiller the flow of water is very important. In fact, if the chiller is running and no water circulates, it will break. A chiller costs about 800 € -2000 € depending on the model. For this reason I decided to install a flow sensor. My intention was that profilux could disconnect the chiller if water doesn't flow. I read the manual several times, but there isn't any preprogrammed option to do this.

The only solution I found is to create a general alarm, in case the flow falls below a certain level (500 l / h). Then I made a programmable logic with AND. The chiller can only operate when temperature and non-alarm conditions are met.

But this has a big problem, any general alarm that occurs will stop the chiller. So I thought it would be very useful to create in Profilux 4 tags or specific alarms. Or program an special function for the flow rate.

Can someone from GHL confirm me if it is possible to include this? Can you consider to launch it in the next version of GHL control center? Thanks a lot.