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12.12.2009, 18:40
I have purchased 3 pump dosing unit and tried to connect it to my Profilux.

I have 2 digital power bars daisy chained to S1-S4(Sockets numbered 1-12) and want to add the doser as sockets 13-15 and be daisy chained to the digital power bars.

I unplugged the digital power bars from S1-S4 and connected only the doser to S1-S4 and followed the setup instructions and Pump #2 kept spinning

Please provide steps to enable me to complete the setup.


12.12.2009, 20:26

If pump two is spinning it is most likely not programmed correctly

do as you have done so far in regards to plugging the doser into S1S4 directly with nothing else plugged in, make sure power is applied to the doser at time of programming.

Click program digital power bar/dosing pump

Select dosing pump numbering

Set the first number to what you wish it to be i.e #13

Click program now

Click ready

Press load

Go to socket outlet function and make sure S13 onwards is not set to anything i.e always off.

Please comment back here on your findings and if no go Matthias will assist further. But I am sure it will work.

13.12.2009, 09:05
I believe the socket function is not adjusted correctly. In older firmware versions the default for channel 2 was bottom heater -> as soon as the water is too cold the channel 2 is activated

-> set socket functions 1 ... 4 to functions "dosing 1 ... 4 "