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13.04.2017, 18:47
I switched to the Profilux controller for my new tank build. It consists of the Ultimate set along with many add ons like additional Power Bars, 2.1 slave doser, ATO sensors, 1-10V lighting via breakout boxes,Flow meters and expansion box for the QT tank. I've had some frustration with getting everything linked and communicating together. I don't find the manuals very helpful and the menus on GCC aren't very intuitive. Is there an "unofficial" manual for Profilux? In particular I'm wondering the correct way to:
Configure my return pump - Should it be entered as a stream pump?
Light outlets - Should they be tagged to a timer?
1-10V dimming - Tagging times and different intensity settings for sunrise and sunset
ATO - Using dual floats for ATO
I had some connection issues with my 3 Power Bars for the DT. They are still active now but I'm concerned they will lose connection and wreak havoc with the tank.
Apologize if these are already answered on the youtube channel, as I haven't been able to find them.
Any help is appreciated. Jeff

14.04.2017, 15:44
Configure my return pump - Should it be entered as a stream pump?
This depends on how you are planning on using the return pump and what type of pump you have, AC or DC pump. There is no generic setup for a return pump. If you have a non-controllable return pump, you can use it for shutting off during feed pauses or maintenance modes. In which case you would simply assign a powerbar socket to the FILTER function. When you activate a feed pause, the pump will shut off for the duration of the feed pause.

If this pump can be controlled via 1-10v, then you would use the stream pump settings to configure the pump's behavior.

Light outlets - Should they be tagged to a timer?
You should be using the ILLUMINATION channels for controlling traditional on/off lights. You will be able to set your on-time and off-time from there.

If you have 1-10v controllable lights, you would still use the ILLUMINATION channels for setup.

ATO - Using dual floats for ATO
If this is how you're planning to use the ATO function, you would use the Min & Max option or ATO w/ 2 sensors option

Take a look at the ProfiLux 3 Startup Guide. Much of the information still applies to the ProfiLux 4.