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22.03.2017, 21:27
I am using latest GCC, and 7.04 FW on my P4. I do not have daylight savings enabled in GCC. My controller keeps gaining 6-8 seconds every day, and its now almost 2 minutes ahead when compared to https://time.is/GMT my phone, my laptop or even my Eheim feeder. I keep having to set the time, last time was only 8 days ago, and the P4 clock is now almost 2 minutes ahead. I understand digital clocks might lose or gain a few seconds a year, but I have never seen any digital clock gain 8 seconds daily. Anyone else seeing the same issue?

23.03.2017, 02:08
I'm experiencing the same problem.

23.03.2017, 08:51

23.03.2017, 11:57
Internal clock speed can be adjusted by going to the Date & Time settings on the ProfiLux 4 itself. Select Time and make the adjustment there.

This is explained in the P4 programming guide.

23.03.2017, 12:16
Were is the time sever function? To adjust it manually wont be a good solution.

24.03.2017, 07:44
1. NTP will be added soon with the email functions, so clock tolerances will be eliminated

2. until then: ProfiLux has the ability to "correct the clock per day" -> go to the ProfiLux menu on the device itself, set the clock there and adjust the correction according to the seconds you loose (or have too much), in Oscars case this would be 7.

24.03.2017, 07:47
Sounds good :)

24.03.2017, 15:17
Thank you, I missed that on the programming guide, its great to have thiss option available while server time gets released. Thanks.