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09.03.2017, 13:14

The wifi on the profilux says it is bad. One bar or red cross.
So it is hard to connect with myghl.
The router is 1.5 meter a way from the profilux.
I check the signaal on the cellphone and it's 100% on 2.5 g at 144 mb
100 % 5 g at 450 mb
The connection from the router to the profilux is 92%.

Why is the profilux signal so poor?

I also try another router. It's the Same like above.

What can I do.

Firmware is 7.04


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09.03.2017, 14:44
I have exact the same behavior. (One wall between, but only a distance of 3m)

10.03.2017, 06:36

can you tell us, whether there are extension boards installed and if so,
of which type they are?

10.03.2017, 06:42

No I didn't install extension boards.

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10.03.2017, 06:53
no extension boards, hardware is in stock condition.

11.03.2017, 23:50
I have the same issue.
The additional cards that i installed are PLM-PWC and PLM_ADIN

14.03.2017, 09:51
Yeah, Im having this same issues. When connecting to MyGHL the connection statusbars at the site shows only 1 or 2 bars. I can get stable connection only for couple of minutes before connection is lost. Most of the time MyGHL site shows my P4 is offline. I think the problem is, at the moment, stability issues at MyGHL servers, is this correct?

14.03.2017, 10:19
It's not only my ghl.
With the pc I also can't connect True wifi

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14.03.2017, 10:31
Does this video help you with PC-P4 wifi connection problem? https://youtu.be/slZGw3nP67g

14.03.2017, 10:39
The profilux 4 is connect with the wifi. That is not the problem.

14.03.2017, 14:40
Hello Huub1983,

The profilux 4 is connect with the wifi. That is not the problem.

For having a better view on it, please send us your ProfiLux 4's myGHL-ID and serialnumber to:

If you can export your ProfiLux-settings as settings.par-file with latest GHL Control Center, that would help, too.

14.03.2017, 21:02
Hi MatthiasF,
this has nothing to do with the profilux 4 configuration.
I have multiple devices connected to my router and they all show decent wireless connection.
I have 3 ms response and 52Mbps of speed on my laptop 1 cm away forum the profilux. I can definitely state that 52 MBps is good enough.
And MyGHL said that there is no connection to the device, come on these are basic stuff. The same as PLM ADIN support. Please make everything possible to investigate these issues.
I know that when a product is released there are supposed to be some bugs but this is getting ridiculous, basic hardware support does not work.
When my Doser 2 arrived the cable for the 4-th pump was not connected and the QA passed sticker was there. How can we pass QA for something that is not even connected.
My GHL optolevel sensor stopped working after a few days of work.
Please, Please take care of those issues. We are spending decent amounts here for a hardware that does not work out of the box as expected.
Sorry for the language but the issues gain up and there is no solution for them. All of us here, RELY on GHL name as a name of QUALITY.
Thanks for you time and i appreciate your hard work.

15.03.2017, 06:34
Hello m1tkodikov,

regarding the WiFi module issues, it could help us if you send us your system information
as I wrote to huub1983 with the myGHL-ID and settings.par-File to support@ghl-kl.de.
Thanks in advance for your help.

15.03.2017, 13:27
Hi MatthiasF,
i will do so.
I apologize for being inpatient but in my mind GHL products are the best of the best and as such we as end users expect flawless operation.
I love the way they work, i love the way they look and i will continue to trust the brand :)
I apologize once more for the language in my previous post. I know that GHL personnel are giving their best.

19.03.2017, 17:21
When I connect P4 with wifi (intranet), this is ok and reasonable. At the same time, GCC tells me that signal is poor (red x at signal bar). And, myghl cannot be connected.

Then, I do not think the wifi has problem but the firmware/software issue is.

19.03.2017, 18:10
I had the same issue. Try to make the PL4 powerless for more than two minutes. This has worked for me.

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21.03.2017, 08:12
Dear Yosh01

Do you mean the wifi issue solved? I have tried to make P4 powerless for several times, the issue is still here. In GCC, there is red x at the powerbar and MyGHL (This i my most concern issue) still not able to be connected well with P4. (I can go to the general page but I cannot go to Dashboard nor other functions)

21.03.2017, 09:05
The WiFi Module does not reset totally if you unplug your PL4 for less than 2 minutes. Making the PL4 powerless for more than 2 minutes did the trick to me.

21.03.2017, 10:20
The main problem we see with ProfiLux 4 and myGHL, is the fact, that
the first time very much information needs to be loaded without any error.
This is like in GHL Control Center.
Once this has been accomplished, any further accesses work fast and even
on poor wifi connections.
Otherwise, the ProfiLux 4 will be dropped and has to reconnect.

See, if you can test the connection with another router and try again, please.

SZ 999
21.03.2017, 15:43
I have the same issue. :(

21.03.2017, 15:44
Test router?
I confirm that my router is no problem as various device hwve been connected with this router. All, except P4, connect with router very well.(In fact, my Doser 2 SA also connects with this router and no problems)

21.03.2017, 18:17
I can confirm what palmlover said . My DOSER 2 and Mitras LX7 are working flawlessly with the router that I have as well as other devices. Only P4 is experiencing issues with the signal strength. It is always showing poor WiFi connection. For now I see only one solution for me and it is to use cable :)

21.03.2017, 18:21
Can this issue be related to the plm-pwc card?

21.03.2017, 18:58
Just bumped in to this thread..

Maybe i can contribute with some inputs...

I have a P3 ex with plm pwc card to control my 5 Mitras lamps, and the wi-fi signal in front, and about 3 meters in diameter around, is supressed by something, and i have suspected the wi-fi signal from Mitras/plm pvc card. I have tried to adjust the channels tha lamps/plm communicates, but no difference. No channel interference either.

So when gaining acces to Profilux via wi-fi, i have to go to the next room, or attach a cable, no so funny, when adjusting light schemes.

I work with network and wi-fi on a daily basis, and have a commercial Wifi installation at home, with several access points controlled from a central point, so there shouldnt be any problems here...

22.03.2017, 05:30
If a cable (land card) can solve the problem, I will be happy. Yet, as my understanding, lan card cannot be used for P4.

22.03.2017, 07:46

the PLM-PWC extension card does not make problems in our test devices.

Can you look at the wifi channel, your routers are set to and try channel 1,
if another is selected and tell us?

22.03.2017, 14:42
Hallo martinc,

send us a screenshot from GHL Control Center->System->Communication window
to support@ghl-kl.de
with the wifi module parameters and version numbers of ProfiLux 4 and wifi module.

We will have a look at it.

23.03.2017, 07:58
We are using a ProfiLux 4 next to our local fish tank which has a distance about 20 meters and
a wall between to the WiFi-Accesspoint (Netgear DG834).

The signal strength is at -64 dBm, which is rather weak (just one bar), but working flawlessly with
GHL Control Center connected over WiFi and myGHL without any interruptions.

A further ProfiLux 4 for comparison is also installed and delivers the same results.

So we can't confirm a general WiFi problem, in the very most cases the WiFi connection
is very solid.
The cases, where the customers experience trouble with their WiFi connection must be
solved individually. Please contact the GHL support directly for this purpose.

These are pictures of our test setup: