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25.02.2017, 01:09
I'm currently on 7.02 , trying to update to 7.03.

The Profilux 4 is connected via USB to GCC.

I get an error stating "Error: Update can't be started!" Reset the device by disconnecting it from power for a few seconds!"

I've tried around 3 times.

The update I'm selecting is the Profilux4_V703_rom.mhx that was included in the new GCC version.

If you've asked if I've done something, please explain how to do that thing.

Thank you.


Right after posting this, I tried one more time. This time, it gave me the "step 2" option to select the com port from device manager. The other attempts never gave me this "step 2" option, it just skipped to step 3. I was able to successfully install the firmware update after having the step 2 option.


25.02.2017, 15:46
Hi, I have another problem updating, I get on step 4, but mi computer couldnŽt recognize the vcom port, it always show a yellow triangle, I have tried to update with the last controller driver from prolific (V1.16), try to uninstall all the controllers and intall it again one by one, but in all the cases I have the yellow triangle, prolific advise about a non original cable or chip, but everything is the original one received from profilux.


IŽll try on monday with another computer to check if the problem is my vaio computer.

25.02.2017, 17:20
Hi there,

It sounds like you need to manually install the USBVCOM driver. Take a look at this video for doing that :

26.02.2017, 08:22

video link does not work

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26.02.2017, 12:49
Hi vinny I have done it also but hadn't work neither

27.02.2017, 07:23
Hello thatanos,

please try installing the USBVCOM with the driver package following this link:


If this works, we will update the drivers included with GHL Control Center in the future updates.

27.02.2017, 11:02
thank you MatthiasF now it works