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24.02.2017, 14:45
Hi, Iīm trying to connect the vortech but once I try to connect it, I get no one information at the vortech overview screen, except the serial number, I can change the mode to the pumps, but they work just at the minimun speed in spite that I assign a value at maximum as high as 8 or higher.

I have check that my pumps (MP40W QD) are working with firmare 1.2 (1 green blink, 2 blue blinks, and after that like 10 or 12 yellow blinks) I contacted ecotech support regarding an upgrade for the firmware but they told me it is not necessary (after some more questions by email they told me this) "JR Toth (EcoTech Marine)
Feb 24, 8:58 AM EST

Hey Ezequiel,

I would recommend contacting Profilux for further assistance as we are not sure how to connect the Vortech to the system. In addition, our engineer has advised that Profilux has not contacted us in years and he is not sure that they are compatible any longer.


can anyone tell me their experience using P4 with vortech controller and how to work with it ? (I like to work on nutrient transport mode)

Thank you in advance.

27.02.2017, 13:32
after some days trying to discover any news, I get to work the pums, but with no idea about firmware.

Maximum outoput seems to be 300 or something near this amont in order to regulate the caudal.

please find enclosed the info I get at vortech overview controller screen


27.02.2017, 14:10
I'm having a problem getting my screen capture to work but I got my mp40 connected after a couple tries.
Compared to your screen, for Vortech pump 1 under Firmware it says "0." and under Type it says "MP-40W_WWD"
Max speed for any mode is 255... whatever that means.

27.02.2017, 18:41
thank you for the speed tip, as I had to try many times in order to get it.

Now I have both vortech working, but I couldnīt see nor the model neither the firmware, and the seems to have the same serial numbers..... I was trying to upodate both (one by one, following the instructions) but I always get the red/blue of error at the update. :(

any idea or tips?