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24.02.2017, 13:14
Hi There

Just getting back into the hobby again after a looong break (kids!) and Im definitely going to be buying a Profilux as the computer. I had a Profilux2 previously and still have most of the bits (but not the computer itself).

Ive a few questions that Im hoping someone can clarify;-

1) Can I connect up and control the two PowerBar6D plugbars that I already have alongside the 5.1 plugbar that comes with the Profilux4-Megaset?

2) Does the sets come with level sensors or is that something to buy in addition does anyone know?

3) Think I read somewhere (but cant find where!) that the P4 has reconfigerable connec tions for probes;- is this the case as I would want to run at least 2 pH probes (Tank, Ca reactor and Nitrate Reducer).

Still trying to decide whether to go P3 or P4 at the moment.

Any help or advice would be welcome :-)


25.02.2017, 07:07
1) Yes
2) No
3) In the future – of some e reasons – the first firmware did not include that feature
4) P4 for sure. I have both, Even if P3 for the moment is more complete and fully developed – P4 is the future for reef aquariums

Sincerely Lasse

25.02.2017, 13:58
Thanks for that :-). Think it's got to be P4 then. If there's features still in development for it that's fine :-)