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16.02.2017, 21:34
I had in the profilux 3 a second pH card and another RS-232 card to connect the LB Mitras.

I installed the two cards in profilux 4, recognizes them perfectly.

First problem: the pH card goes backwards, when calibrated in the liquid pH 4 starts to raise the pH value up to more than 8. When the CO2 is turned on it also raises the pH value.

Second problem: LB Miter does not work via RS232, the lighting channels do not apply.


17.02.2017, 13:09
Have you tried the Mitras Lightbar in the onboard RS232 ? I have two Lightbar 2's connected to the onboard RS232 and they work perfectly ie dimming, seasonal lighting etc.

17.02.2017, 13:22
I'll try when I get home.


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17.02.2017, 17:48

It does not work, I think my problem is that I had connected the Mitras via RS232 with the PLM-RS232 card.

8943 + 8944


GHL Support
22.02.2017, 12:49

did you try to connect the Lightbar to the Mitras Lightbar Port with the Mitras-Lightbar-Active-Splitter Cable?

23.02.2017, 07:27
Hi Jennifer,

I tried connecting both cables and the RJ11 by connecting it to the Mitras Lightbar port of the Profilux 4, but it does not work either.

The connector on my cable is RJ11 and the one of the Profilux is RJ45.