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15.02.2017, 12:10
# First time setup of an ESP-based WiFi-module

## Configuration with GHL Control Center over USB
1 In GCC navigate in the menu tree to System->Communication.
2 Enter the relevant WiFi-mode (in most cases this is Client-mode/Infrastructure).
Fill out the credentials SSID/Passphrase of the router and ip configuration.
3 Save the settings and disconnect, which triggers a restart on the WiFi-module.

## Auto-Configuration with WPS (Push-Button-Method)
 falls keine gültige Konfiguration nach dem Start vorliegt

1 Activate the WPS-method on your router.
2 Plug in the GHL-device’s power cord and let it start.
3 The WPS-method tries to finish the authentication in a time window of 30 seconds.
4 When the configuration is valid, the WiFi-module restarts automatically and connects to the router.

## Auto-Configuration in Access-Point-Mode
 1:1-connection between a e.g. smartphone etc. and the WiFi-module.
 Activated after a failed WPS-method in unconfigured mode.
1 If a previously made WPS-method did not succeed, the AccessPoint-Mode will be accessible for 5 minutes.
2 The GHLdev will be visible in your WiFi-scanner and after selecting and connecting to it, the used IP address is
Once you are connected, the connection will be held open until a restart of the GHL-device.
3 Connect to the WiFi-module and make the configuration either in GHL Control Center or using the internal Webinterface by using the IP-address

## Deactivating WiFi
1 In GHL Control Center navigate to System->Communication, check the option 'WiFi Off'.
2 An unconfigured module without stored data, will be shutoff after five minutes.

These configuration methods are under steady development and get more extensions in the future, in order to achieve best user experience. A new firmware version for the WiFi-module is already in development and is likely to be released at the end of the year.

17.02.2017, 19:22
I have been trying to do this but not managing to connect wirelessly. The best I have got to so far is so that the P4 is broadcasting (can be seen via phones etc) but won't connect. I have the PLM/PWC card but not installed yet. No probes or sockets plugged in at all.

1. Am I right thing there is NO direct connection to the router - i.e. the P4 connects to my existing wireless network wirelessly and NOT via ethernet or homeplug?

2. If so, how do I then connect my laptop to it?

3. Please explain the difference between Client Mode/Infrastructure and the one with access point? Why would I choose one over the other?

4. The wifi light on the unit doesn't light up - is there some on/off setting for wireless, if so, where is it!

5. I already have 4 x LX7206 that I can connect to from my laptop. Do I have to delete them and set them up again somehow for the PLM/PWC once I can wirelessly connect to the P4?

I will scrub everything and start again tomorrow. The sort of settings I have been trying to use are:

SSID - my network name
Password - my network password

Auto IP address (but how do I know what it is!)

SAVE settings. Disconnect. Unplug USB. Connect...

Have I missed anything?

18.02.2017, 11:53
I have manged to connect. I wasdoing everything right BUT I got one letter in my network as lower instead of uppercase and secondly, I had to reboot GCC after setup... it now works :-)

22.01.2018, 14:12
Hello Matthias / GHL

I just updated the WiFi firmware and theres a couple of glitches I'd like to point out :)

When I attempt to update the file "spiffs.bin" i get an error

And after this the webserver is showing a WIFI module firmware version: n/a in the bottom of the webpage

I followed the instructions, so I wonder if i'm missing something here ?

Best regards, Brock

22.01.2018, 14:46
Hello Brock,

the latest version of GHL Control Center v1.1.0.8 contains the updated wifi module firmware and
filesystem file, which you can install with the included WiFi-Update-Tool over the USB-connection.
Please follow the instructions in the program.

22.01.2018, 15:00
Well, is it safe to rely on a Beta ?

Best regards, Brock

22.01.2018, 15:07
Hello again

Well, it triggers a virus warning when I try to install, is it a false alarm ?

I'm running GCC via MS remote desktop, but this should't affect it I guess ?

All the best, Brock

22.01.2018, 15:40
Download and use the newest version of GCC.

The previous GCC triggered a false positive virus message.

22.01.2018, 15:51
Is that the 1.08 version ?

I just downloaded it 20 minutes ago, and it triggered a virus, it's in the screenshot above

Thanks :)

22.01.2018, 16:03
Hello again :)

I just updated the WIFI module to the latest version - 6589.

My email notifications stop working when I use static IP instead of DHCP, so it seems to be a bit beta / buggy still

Or maybe I'm missed something ?

All the best, Brock

22.01.2018, 19:30
I'm puzzled...

After updating via IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/update,
first firmware.bin succesfully and then spiffs.bin unsuccesfully
the webserver page is plain blank ?

Now I backgraded to the WIFI firmware to the firmware and spiffs.bin's from the 1.06 release, it's working with the n/a on the webserver page

Looking forward to the next release :)

23.01.2018, 06:46
Hello Brock,

for proper sending of mails, it is necessary to set the correct ip addresses for both
gateway and dns server.
You can also try Google's dns servers or and test again sending a mail.

Regarding your issue with the false positive virus detection, we tested it beside our local
virus scanners also on virustotal online scanner, that uses the most popular virus scanners
and did not find any suspicious marks in the used files.
What virus scanner do you use?

23.01.2018, 06:56
Hello Matthias

I am using avast antivirus and it didn't react on the GCC 1.06 version, I bypassed avast and then I could install the GCC 1.08 in order to extract the firmware.bin and the spiffs.bin.

I ended up using the 1.08 firmware.bin and then the 1.06 spiffs.bin as the 1.08 spiffs.bin failed consequently

And the only way I can get the mail up and running is using WIFI in DHCP mode, then it works with both my ISP's smtp server and if I use my router's IP adr. as well.

I did try with a static IP and the DNS servers you suggest, it didn't work.

I also saw your post looking for beta testers on the wifi so I applied, I'd be delighted to test for you guys, as I allready love the P4 box
( I just moved from Neptune Systems Apex )

Have a nice day, Brock