Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : IMPORTANT: ProfiLux 4 and DCF receiver

13.02.2017, 15:06
Unfortunately it turned out that connecting a DCF module (radio controlled clock) on the ProfiLux 4 can cause problems and affect the new internal clock of the ProfiLux 4.
In the worst case it can happen that ProfiLux 4 can't be rebooted anymore, even after unplugging the DCF module.

This issue will be fixed with the new firmware 7.03, included in the new GHL Control Center, availabe from 13. Feb. 2017 on.

IMPORTANT: Don't use the DCF module as long as the ProfiLux 4 still has firmware 7.02!

If no DCF module will be connected an update to 7.03 is not necessary.

In the case above issue happened the ProfiLux 4 can be recovered by a total reset, please contact then GHL directly.