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12.02.2017, 20:37

Since last Friday I'm one of the lucky owners of a Profilux 4.
During the weekend I have been playing with the device, and found the following issue:
- When setting up Maintenance mode, the setting for illumination does not work.
When I activate Maintenance mode, I want all lights to go to 100% illumination, and not the current illumination scene.
Using the P4, this setting is not working, instead when maintenance mode is enabled all lamps go off to 0%.

- No webserver; How can I add pages myself, is there a manual available?
- I would like to keep hystorical trends about the sensor values, how can I create something like this? I found a log function, however this is only for a limited time, and needs to be downloaded manually. is there a way I can continuously download measurement data from the profilux and save it to a NAS automatically? or will this be a function of myGHL?

Secondly connecting to myGHL gives no values. Reading some of the threads, it seems this is being worked at.


13.02.2017, 15:52
I think most questions are already answered here.

About the maintenance - we will check this for the next firmware versions.

16.02.2017, 17:49
Using GCC version I found that the illumination setting for Maintenance Mode Illumination 2 and 4 is not saved.
Whenever I fill in 100% and save the settings, the values seem to be 100%, however after an "Update View" the values move back to 0%.