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29.11.2009, 17:32

I have 2 Tunze 6100 at each end of my tank facing the other end of the tank.

I want to be able to control them so that they work in pairs, with 1 pair on as the other pair is low.

I want to have is so that they power up slowly and keep the power on for a few minutes then power down slowly, with the opposite happening at the ther end.

I have had a play but cant really get it to work

Many thanks

01.12.2009, 08:43
how and where are the pumps connected? L-ports, cables, splitters?

please give us first your exact configuration

01.12.2009, 14:43
My pumps are connected to the L Ports, I think L1/L2 and L5/L6

They are using the splitter cables as well

The controller is a profilux ex

Many thanks

02.12.2009, 07:18
and on each splitter is a pair of different Tunze-cables? (ProfiLux-Tunze1 & P-T2)

assuming this than do this settings:

use mode "sequence1", min + max duration a few minutes, 2 pumps in that group

now pump 1 and pump 2 are alternating

set 1-10V-interfaces in question to pump 1 or 2