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16.03.2016, 07:14

After restart of Mitras LEDs or/and Profilux I no longer have control of Mitras from P3 through PWC

Then I have to connect each Mitras with USB. Change channel number to something else, save, back to default channel number and save. Then it works again.

Any help?

17.03.2016, 06:35
if you restore the backup to PL it should reconnect, however only if you made no changes to mitras. If you did update mitras than you need to program your channels and frequency manually via the touch display functions on the units so they match the same values of the pwc. after that you can alter lights trough PLC.

17.03.2016, 18:32
Thank you diverdutch. Will keep in mind when needed next time.

Oddly enough, today I reconnected P3 and Mitras lights a lot of times, and upon reboot it always worked flawlessly.