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12.12.2015, 19:43

Because of interferance with our Wi-Fi system in the house, i want to change the Wi-Fi Channel on my lamps and PWC card to Ch. 26, but when i set the new channel in the Control center under system on the PWC, i doesnt change, its stuck on the current channel. even after reboot of both Profilux and lamps (of course i have changed the channel on my 6 lamps too).

Mitras LX 6100HV/Profilux 3.1N ex/Firmware 6.20/latest FW on Mitras

27.12.2015, 04:56
yes that's correct I have the same... if changed there is no auto save option ? What I do is adjust the channel than go to general and click the adjust time option. Than the save button lights up and I click save. After that the channel has been changed and saved. After that you do channel adjust on Mitras. Sometimes it requires a reboot from PL3 followed by mitras units to have the new settings become active