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The Codfather
27.11.2015, 14:05
I recently bought out a system, it included a couple of mitras and a complete P3, bonus. Thinking I may set this other tank up beside my existing tank but would like to have the lights set a little different. Is it possible to do two separate systems with only one PWC?
I haven't looked into the software that much, as I programmed my existing system and never looked at it again.
Is it possible? Or will I need to buy another PWC and install into the other P3.
Any information would be great, thanks in advance.

27.11.2015, 15:37
If you want all your Mitras to run on one light schedule, one PWC will work.

If you want to run separate light schedules over each tank, an extra PWC card will be needed.

The Codfather
27.11.2015, 15:43
Thanks for the info Vinny. Now can I put two PWC cards in one profilux? or would I have to separate and run the second P3?
Guess Ill be doing another order in the next little bit, have to get it home, cleaned and set up first.

27.11.2015, 16:21
You can put two cards in one P3. Just make sure the second card is set to a different channel to avoid interference with the first card.