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Robert Lewis
03.11.2015, 09:30

I can connect to my profilux via the web server and the IOS app.

What I cannot do is connect my profilux to MyGHL despite having the latest firmware (6.20) and the latest GCC V1076 installed.

I have opened a MyGHL account, verified the account via the email received, checked the MyGHL active box in GCC, waited 5 mins or so, entered the MyGHL ID (3266845634) but cannot verify it because it says that my device is not connected to MyGHL.

In GCC I have a MyGHL ID & a Verification key.

Any suggestions would be welcome.



03.11.2015, 11:11
i stated the same yesterday and i got a reply stating the PL3 is not yet activate on MyGHL, only Doser2.


03.11.2015, 12:17

The P3 is myGHL compatible. You will need to make sure it is connected to your network and has a Static IP address. Once you've done that, you can repeat your steps.

03.11.2015, 16:11

the Microsoft Azure cloud server has obviously a problem.

We are working on that.

Robert Lewis
04.11.2015, 01:06
Thanks Vinny.

Yes, the profilux is connected to my home network and has a static IP address.

I am also able to connect to it from outside my home network via the web server and IOS application.

Robert Lewis
04.11.2015, 01:07
Forgive my ignorance, but is this the reason why I cannot add my profilux to MyGHL at the moment?


04.11.2015, 09:44
Robert for me the same issue so I think the problem is external... I'm awaiting ghl reply on how/when to register my PL3 to MyGHL...

04.11.2015, 14:54
As Matthias mentioned, we are currently working on fixing issues with the Microsoft Azure cloud server. Once this issue is fixed, you should be able to add a device to myGHL.

05.11.2015, 05:39
txs guys ... will standby

Robert Lewis
05.11.2015, 12:31
Indeed, thanks guys :)