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07.03.2009, 03:57
Looking for some help...

I just switched to the ATO set-up with my dosing pumps for freshwater additions. Everything has been working well for about a week. Occasionally, the ATO disconnects from the main unit. Meaning, the computer stops recognizing the ATO. Once I reset the computer, then everything works well again. The plug is tight and dry into the computer.

I am using the Profilux II plus with the mechanical float set-up.

Why does the computer loose the signal occasionally? any thoughts?:confused:

07.03.2009, 10:03
is it possible that the maximum on-time is exceeded and ProfiLux goes into a level-alarm state?

GHL Support
07.03.2009, 10:07
I think its not like loosing the signal. I think it is the alarm that will be set after the floater switch one time. You have to reset the alarm.

Look here: (Part of the operation Manual)

3.11.4 Error reset
In the event that an on-time limit is exceeded (a socket with the function Water is switched on too long, see
3.11.3 Maximum on-time) or the leakage detection reports an error the error status of the device must be
reset. This will also reset the alarm. Water-level regulation will remain disabled for as long as the error status
isnít reset!

07.03.2009, 21:26
Sounds good... I'll increase the max time and see what happens. It seemed high at 30min, but i'll go for 1hr.

09.03.2009, 09:06
Did you check if you really have an alarm caused by exceeding the maximum on-time?
This can be seen in ProfiLuxControl.

I wonder why your refill takes more than 1/2 hour.