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01.11.2009, 06:29
I have a few questions and ideas for doing daily automatic water changes for my 300 gallon total system.

I have two extra dosing pumps that I am not using and would like to set them up for this. I am thinking of doing it like this and would like some input if its correct before I proceed thank you.

I want to change out about 2 gallons a day. I converted this to ML and it comes out to about 7570 ml a day. The doser doses 60ml a min and the suggested max time is 15 min so I set the doser to 625ml "rate per dosing"
and "dosings per day" = 12.

If I set this the same way for both dosers one to remove the water from the tank and the other to add the water from the reservoir will it work?

Another way to do this would be to set the doser to a timer but then I would have to set allot of time intervals.

Also how do I get the ato not to turn on when I am taking water out of my system due to the awc?
Thank you and hope this is clear enough to understand.

03.11.2009, 14:52

I do not see this as a good option for various reasons, the biggest would be the over useage of the pump involved. Dosing pumps are designed for small amounts of dosing amounts, not water changes.

You best and cheapest option is to use a small power head in the bottom of your AWC container, and another for pumping out.

The software takes care of the ATO not switching on.