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  1. KH Director manual
  2. KH Director support in the app
  3. KH Director + Triton
  4. KH Director Reagent
  5. Calibration and recorded measurements
  6. cant set up KHD
  7. KH Director planned features
  8. What can you do if you don't like the KHD readings?
  9. if you have a problem with KHD and ProfiLux 3 with firmware 6.32
  10. Why does the feed Waste water now keep blowing off the pump?
  11. Cant vent internal reagent tube nor Flush measurement cell
  12. Reagent Doser fill level not changing
  13. Where are shown the KH values?
  14. possible to add a Hydroxyd reactor support?
  15. Cannot record measured values ( doser sa, kh director)
  16. Micro bubbles forming in reagent tube??
  17. fluctuating readings
  18. Big bubble forming in doser to reagent tube??
  19. Recommended KH Director setup
  20. KHD and doser set up
  21. KHD ventilation/overflow tube ABOVE water surface!
  22. KHD tested with reference solution
  23. KH Director last measurement taken
  24. KHD setup questions please
  25. KH Director problem
  26. doser error in kh director
  27. Profilux ?
  28. Leak detected error
  29. Kh director myghl cloud
  30. New reagent with different color
  31. Infinite Dose Container size for waste
  32. A few issues I am having with my new Stand Alone KH Director kit
  33. Measurements differ from manual testing....
  34. KH déviation in control mode
  35. KH Director Set Up
  36. How long can the 500 ml bottle last?
  37. Problem with manual measurement
  38. Measurement history
  39. problem with waste water pipe and vent pipe
  40. Automatic alkalinity adjustment is not working
  41. the difference measured result of KH Director
  42. Amount of water left in the sample tube after mesurement.
  43. How is your KH Director setup and calibration?
  44. Record measurement values and Adjust displayed values by % is dimmed in GCC
  45. Low KH readings
  46. thinking to get a kg director mounting question
  47. KH Director just giving measurement of 4dkh!!!!
  48. Problem. Differences in -1 dkh
  49. Alerts and Readings?
  50. Error: titration takes too long
  51. What is the Setup guide for Profilux 3ex with KH Director
  52. Bubble issue solved, Reagent fluid and new reagent tube as set
  53. dKH result and measure time is not updated after each measurement
  54. KH Director Profilux 3
  55. KHD Troublshooting
  56. KalkWasser KHD: thanks! :-)
  57. Placement of KH Director and Doser 2.1
  58. Dosing tube for KHD
  59. Notification on KH vaule
  60. KH Director pump calibration
  61. Calcium Reactor control
  62. Exact tube length calculator
  63. KH Director triton control modes.
  64. New KHD setup help
  65. Titration taking to long
  66. Profilux 4 and KH director
  67. New tube diameter and specification
  68. KH Readings
  69. - Send current KH value via email (new token) - display of icons in ProfiLux Touch fi
  70. Don't pump dirty water into the KH Director!
  71. KHD on PL3.1
  72. Replacing doser 2 with 2.1 slave with p4
  73. White filter in the internal overflow tube not necessary
  74. Problem calibration the PH probe Ou Director
  75. KH Director and Profilux 3.1
  76. Zero reading on P4
  77. KHD Add-On Mode
  78. KH Director will not activate KH supplement
  79. KHD error: doser not responding
  80. Kh Director doesnt change Kh amount
  81. How far does the pH probe stick out?
  82. Kh director sample calibration
  83. Should KH director be popping with the pinch valve throughout the sample
  84. Why can't use record ?
  85. Calcium reactor mode
  86. KH director - Measurements do not meet expectations
  87. KH director set up help
  88. Add-On Mode set up right?
  89. Error: titration takes too long
  90. Overflow - no waste flow
  91. Waste tube on no water change system
  92. pH probe locking nut
  93. Problems with pumps
  94. KH Readings Low
  95. KH Director readings always the same, no matter what?
  96. dosing tube on KH regent keep popping out
  97. KHD ph probe question
  98. Kh director measuring problem.
  99. Triton method
  100. Ghl Magnetic stirrer with KH reagent
  101. KHD won’t measure or flush
  102. Water Replenishment
  103. Water sample tube length
  104. Record Kh director.
  105. KH Director reading is variable
  106. Varied readings over a couple days
  107. KH director with dioser 2 stand alone
  108. Unit Placement
  109. Khd ph probe
  110. KHD pH probe for calcium reactor?
  111. Khd
  112. Measuring cell
  113. PH Probe Calibration error, need help please
  114. Data logging Doser 2
  115. Trouble with the KH Director
  116. pH probe calibration results are puzzling
  117. KH director Reagent questions
  118. Kh director technical setup advice
  119. Waste water tubing length and depth in container?
  120. unable to connect doser, which is keeping me from setting director
  121. Waste water amount
  122. Help me to set khd
  123. kh-high reading
  124. KH Director Add on control mode settings
  125. KH Director + SA + Slave doser
  126. Kh director and sa pump 110/220V
  127. HELP! Results go up .1 dkh every single test...
  128. Kh add on
  129. Sample water filter
  130. Kh director with aquaforest bailling?
  131. Data Log with SA Doser
  132. Kh director stay on zero number
  133. KHD can i use lower speeds in pump 1 and pump 3..."water inlet and outlet"
  134. Best accuracy -a few questions for the experienced!
  135. How to show KH Director on GHL Connect dashboard?
  136. Titration message
  137. KH director SA
  138. Using dKH reference fluid 7.5 best practice
  139. KH Director & SA Doser connect challenge
  140. Edit abherrant KH readings
  141. 2 KH directors...
  142. pH probe calibration failed
  143. kh director housing cover removal
  144. Kh director with problem
  145. Doser above or below KH director?
  146. Issues with a new KH director
  147. instruction on removing housing cover
  148. ph probe calibration result
  149. ventilation of reagent liquid tubes
  150. KH Director and GHL Doser 1 Slave
  151. Wrong measurement
  152. Issue with KHD after installing another slave doser
  153. Waste volume doesn't equal sample+reagent
  154. Reagent dosing problems
  155. Triton + KHD Users :)
  156. Kh director stopped working after installing new slave pumps
  157. Smallest resolution of control, 1ml?
  158. calibration error HELP
  159. KH Director Measurements
  160. Kh director showing wrong Time
  161. KH Director stand alone - Dosing / connection issue? Not dosing even in calibration
  162. KH Director Not Showing Last Readings
  163. Kh director & calcium reactor - settings
  164. Diferent results of adjustment
  165. KHD - Sudden Change of Measurement Value
  166. Charts has stopped working.
  167. I need to connect KH director this way.
  168. Is two-digit reading possible?
  169. KHD not reaching Nominal Value
  170. Charts not showing.
  171. Tube question
  172. KHD sudden and inconsistent measurement values.
  173. Struggling with KH Director Setup
  174. Another tube question
  175. Air bubbles in reagent bottle
  176. Calibrating using scales
  177. KHD not drawing sample
  178. Moving from measuring to control
  179. KHD not drawing reagent.
  180. Smart Home Integration
  181. Review Recorded Data
  182. a little bit of help please
  183. Changing optional KH inline filter- do you & how often?
  184. Vent tube length
  185. Sudden change of measured values
  186. Add-on Control
  187. New KHD Help
  188. KHD Measurement values less stable than expected.
  189. Minimum number of times the Alk test should be run?
  190. Controlling calcium reactor
  191. KHD SA w/ Profilux
  192. ReAgent runs one second
  193. Need help with replacing sampled H2O.
  194. kh director doubt
  195. probe calibration
  196. New setup 4.7dkh
  197. measurement
  198. No Wifi hotspot
  199. Emergency waste - tee to same tube as normal waste
  200. Difference between flush measurement cell and end measurement cell
  201. GHL Connect hangs
  202. KH Director new setup help
  203. No WiFi hotspot, no GHLDOSER network showing up, can’t connect to my KHD
  204. Wastewater pump shows incorrect volume
  205. KH Director titration takes too long Error
  206. Migrating from Doser 2.1 control to Profilux 4
  207. Programmable logic for KHD
  208. KH values went up by a notch
  209. KHD does NOT correct my alkalinity
  210. KH Director all malfunction
  211. Questions about the alarm, app and charts and pumps on Dashbaord screen
  212. How to properly store an unused KHD?
  213. Inline filter tubing size
  214. Tubing for director and reagent
  215. Lanthanum Chloride Dosing
  216. Control Dosing Log
  217. Doser + KH Switch channel?
  218. KHD measure with ALK/dKH reference solution
  219. Kh Director waste water disposal
  220. Slave Doser on KH director 4 red lights
  221. Return of repaired KHD to the U.K.
  222. Fluid remains within the kh at the end of the test
  223. replace ph probe
  224. Air in KHD sample line filter
  225. Main PH probe
  226. Delete Data Point KH Director
  227. KH Director reading too high - tried a lot of the known fixes
  228. KH Director Chart Failing to Load
  229. ph probe always 0
  230. Second hand device
  231. KHD Readings were too high - now too low
  232. KHd & GCC connection AND notifications iOS14.6
  233. Adaptive Mode
  234. Unable to connect after initial setup
  235. Will a KH Director work with a GHL doser 2.0
  236. KH Director when testing causes pab comm error.
  237. Just got KHD back from new pH probe and motherboard, now this failure?
  238. KHD WIFI connection problem
  239. SA KHD not saving results
  240. KH Director Titration takes too long?
  241. Kh dir not pumping reagent to test. Manual button Pushs make the doser head move
  242. Waste water returned after test less then sample size
  243. How to get accurate KH Director readings
  244. Air in sample line
  245. Long load times and connection drop outs through GHL Connect (Android)
  246. Vinny
  247. KH Reference - Bad batch (03/2021)
  248. KHD won’t run 1st test
  249. Help with KHD readings
  250. KH Director Problem?