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  1. Customer's wishes please via email
  2. More Control over Maxspect Gyre
  3. Sort sensor data on display and touch
  4. Control Over Which Buttons Are Enabled (displayed) on ProfLux Touch
  5. Black plug sockets for the UK plugbars
  6. Nice simple one here
  7. heater failure warning
  8. Gcc for mac
  9. Manual Scroll on TOUCH
  10. Refill Containers
  11. User Defined Pump Switching
  12. Flow Meters
  13. Alexa App / Skill for Profilux 4
  14. Level sensor check list
  15. Trigger global functions from the Mitras LCD
  16. Manually programming capability
  17. Print all settings
  18. Suggestion: Wifi configuration and reboot from LCD
  19. Suggestion: Sort units/devices in myghl
  20. Suggestion: add Level sensor activation condition
  21. Suggestion:On myGHL Device Page, add a module like
  22. electronic pressure gauge
  23. Diary function
  24. Forum mobile view
  25. What is the functions of the AUX port ?
  26. Nitrate Sensor
  27. Weather data
  28. Gil connect
  29. par meter
  30. super short versions of Mitras LED bar
  31. Acclimation mode for specific channels only
  32. PLM-Adin, Programable Logic, and Maintenance modes
  33. flow sensor with activation condition for return pump control
  34. Push notification on mobil devices
  35. Apple iOS GHL Widgets
  36. Webcam
  37. Google home
  38. PTC2 of my idea
  39. Flow Sensor Logic
  40. App dark mode
  41. Graphs as widgets
  42. Dosing indicator on app
  43. Log APi
  44. Create a connection tree (Visio chart) of all the components.
  45. For sale / wanted
  46. Smaller Flow sensors
  47. News-updates-changes section
  48. A single powersupply for All.
  49. 90 degree plug and computer style plug and socket on Powerbars. US-Canada style
  50. Maximum time
  51. Redundant Power Supplies
  52. Auto Feeder
  53. Dashboard style charts and graphs in GCC
  54. Flow sensor fittings that are the size of the flow sensors.
  55. A single head Maxi Doser.
  56. Change the way the programming is done.
  57. 2,4 Outlet PAB powerbar
  58. Style charts and graphs in local Web interface
  59. "Profilux Touch" show KH Director Alkalinity and Ion Director readings
  60. Conductivity unit selection
  61. Imagine a world where...
  62. Temperature logging and alerts on Doser Maxi
  63. Radion control
  64. Delay start function after, feed, maintenance and power outage.
  65. Programmable Logic Description in Connect app
  66. Vortech control in Connect app
  67. Vortech Timed Modes
  68. Connect App device notification
  69. Alarm handling
  70. Connect Server Ping Blackout
  71. Virtual sensor / Probe Measurement data
  72. Power usage measurement
  73. Programmable Logic traffic lights
  74. Probe Calibration from Connect app
  75. Tracking ATO and AWC fill quantities.
  76. PropellerControl 1-10v interface - new function parameter
  77. ION Director Manual
  78. Test results in list format
  79. Dashboard local caching / async updates
  80. Allow constant level return pump regulation
  81. Get your auto feeder and phosphate ION add-on out soon :)
  82. Allow http or raw tcp "Notification"
  83. Leak sensor that can detect RO/DI or top off water
  84. Ability to cancel a Dose Specific Amount
  85. Push messages to phone KHD stand alone
  86. Disable alarm sound kHD when noted
  87. myGHL dashboard suggestions
  88. Font change on Profilux 4 display
  89. Doses with 2 decimals.
  90. KHD Testing schedule
  91. API access to manage from third party devices
  92. Stirrer in reverse mode
  93. MY GHL Status
  94. Fish Feeder
  95. More maintenance
  96. Profilux Conductivity-Salinity Unit
  97. Next generation controller for Versia pumps
  98. Light Composer alteration on description
  99. Two suggestions..