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  1. The GHL App for ProfiLux
  2. Current status of the GHL-ProfiLux-App
  3. The App is finally here!
  4. Another port??
  5. No data available for Temp Graph
  6. Return about app
  7. Names of sockets
  8. APP Setup help (running on tablet)
  9. App for iPhone
  10. iOS-App Screenshots
  11. Android App
  12. iPad app
  13. Features of the iPhone / Android app
  14. iOS app not working
  15. Connection is connection is...
  16. What port?
  17. can not connect to webserver
  18. No Response from Device
  19. iOS App Install
  20. Wow that was easy
  21. New Version
  22. Level sensor
  23. New version App does not startup
  24. iOS v1.01 - iPAD 1
  25. New Versions for Android (1.13), iOS(1.02). Profilux Firmware (5.16)
  26. Wishlist : Error Reset
  27. Possible Bugs with iOS app v1.02
  28. App for Iphone 4 ?
  29. app for Sony Ericsson Xperia
  30. notifications from app
  31. Why the graph for ph probe is showing data unavailable?
  32. Help on the connection
  33. Web Cam view on app
  34. can i set the maintenance menu from the iOS apps ?
  35. How to reset level error via APP or web server
  36. Some news about new app for new IOS7?
  37. Time Zone is incorrect on Web
  38. Cannot connect via app after update
  39. Firmware for Profilux Control version 6.0
  40. widget for android
  41. Maintenance status on the apple apps not working properly
  42. Display Data Wrong
  43. trying to connect to phone app
  44. Iphone App disconnects with Leak Level Alarm
  45. GHL Profilux App - Wish List
  46. The future of the app.....
  47. App update
  48. We are searching beta tester for our Android app
  49. App Not Working Through VPN
  50. App wish list
  51. App 1.2 (firmware 6.06) Failures
  52. Profilux II not working with app !
  53. Android App GHLProfilux 1.20
  54. Android App GHLProfilux 1.22
  55. Reset Level Alarm
  56. app in google play store
  57. Has anyone configured the app to acces Profilux via Synology server and Time Capsule?
  58. App outside the internal network from home
  59. Wishlist: Add Consumption and concentration fields to dosing section
  60. Time setting in App. or webserver?
  61. Profilux keep duconecting
  62. login for iphone app
  63. open app in iphone6
  64. Remote Control
  65. iphone 6 app
  66. Android app doenst work
  67. Strange measurement data in web and app
  68. GHL App IOS8.3
  69. App for Proflux
  70. Updated app for Profilux?
  71. Android App
  72. Dosing2 slave APP problem
  73. Problem with profilux app on iPhone 6
  74. Android app for profilux plus 2
  75. App
  76. Update for new release?
  77. Iphone 7 + iOS 10.12
  78. Activity Log
  79. IOS 10 + iPhone 7 + GHL Profilux APP + Profilux 4
  80. Quick view of the new App
  81. IOS 11 needs app to be updated to work
  82. Problems
  83. App up and running a few features please:
  84. How do I download the app?
  85. Connect outside home
  86. cant connect
  87. GHL Connect - App working but dashboard blank
  88. GHL Connect now also for GHL Doser 2!
  89. How to setup my P4 device on GHL Connect app
  90. Aquarium apps such as Aquarimate linked to Profilux4 / mgGHL?
  91. connecting form outside network
  92. Failed to connect P4 on the wifi
  93. GHL Connect IOS sensor data crash
  94. GHL APP for Profilux 3
  95. GHL Connect Information please...
  96. What now?
  97. GHL app outside network setup
  98. GHL Connect now in Google Play Store
  99. GHL Connect KH Director support completed
  100. App with Iphone X issue
  101. ghl connect app can't connect to P4
  102. GHL Connect now supports Mitras LX7
  103. I can't use google play to install GHL connect.
  104. Stream Group
  105. GHL Connect Version 0.18.1 is ready
  106. Question about GHL Profilux II Plus
  107. Access from outside, multiple Profilux
  108. Push notifications with GHL Connect
  109. GHL Connect problem with iPhone
  110. GHL Connect fails to connect to Mitras LX7
  111. GHL Connect Version 0.20.0 is ready
  112. Latest Version of Connect App V 1.0.0 Flow Sensor Issue
  113. Update 1.0.3
  114. GHL Connect and P4 webinterface Read Only since unified interface
  115. App problem
  116. Feedpause not working on GHL connect version 1.0.3 for iOS
  117. GHL Connect system requirements
  118. problem accessing sensor charts in Apps version 1.0.5
  119. No app or myGHL connection
  120. GHL Connect and MyGHL connection issues
  121. new feature request on LX7206 app
  122. MyGHL not connecting after updates but iOS connect ok
  123. Backup not possible
  124. App crashing
  125. GHL Connect IOS date and time format
  126. myghl wont connect
  127. GHL Connect app unstable
  128. GCC date and time KHDirector
  129. Programmable logic
  130. Charts not shown in MyGHL
  131. Profilux control away from home
  132. Communication error #28 present with Wifi and LAN
  133. MyGHL - Configure Email Settings?
  134. 2,6 lan broken
  135. Email updates not received for approximately 4 hours everyday
  136. After latest iOS App update: No Logbook access & Sensor Graphs values for 2027
  137. is it possible to view socket/relay on/off history?
  138. Webcam Ghlconnect 3.0
  139. App am/pm to 24h time setting
  140. ghl device not found in wi-fi settings
  141. Setup problem
  142. GHl Connect Illumintion Dashboard
  143. How to tell GHL Connect app that I refilled my reservoir?
  144. Maintenance timers not accurate at all.
  145. Control light manually with app
  146. P4 Dashboard won't load via web browser
  147. 2.1 doser won’t connect to wifi
  148. App worked on IPAD yesterday, today it doesn’t
  149. I replaced a wifi network, and the wifi bulb disappeared
  150. I’ve messed up
  151. Tutorial or docs on Vortech Controller please ?
  152. 2.1 doser hotspot on connect app
  153. App Buttons
  154. App problem
  155. Ghl control app
  156. Error open ghl Connect
  157. GHL Control Center Won't Connect to Profilux Over Network
  158. GHL Connect & My GHL Performance
  159. KHD Chart issue on new apps Ver 3,8.1
  160. IOS App Not showing KH Chart
  161. GHL connect app and Profilux 3
  162. profilux min-wifi / ph charts
  163. Is my GHL down and not working ??
  164. All Sockets won't populate on Maintenance/Power cut screen
  165. GHL Logo Warnings
  166. GHL App connection problems iphone
  167. Profilux and IFTTT
  168. Connect App now not fitting on iPhone screen
  169. Connect app not working
  170. Two problems - to GHL support
  171. is there a way to erase senor output through the app
  172. No chart after recent apps update
  173. How to add switch channels to dashboard widget.
  174. Important info about the upcoming update 3.12.8
  175. Please help! Devices disappearing.
  176. GHL connect app loses the device in iPhone 14.6 after the last update
  177. No charts in android version 3.13.2
  178. Chart not displaying on GHL Connect dashboard
  179. Can’t log in via App on IPad
  180. Local Devices Gone
  181. GHL Connect Dashboard refresh rate
  182. Profilux 4 wifi issue
  183. disconnecting without reason MyGHL
  184. Dashboard issues
  185. Intermittent ability to connect to Profilux from app
  186. GHL connect problem after power outage
  187. GHL Connect cannot maintain correct time
  188. Myghl.com down
  189. Latest ghlconnect 3.15.9 wont start on S21
  190. GHL Connect update: Push notifications for public download
  191. Cannot delete "Shared Devices" from either GHL Connect or MyGHL
  192. GHL connect will not let me login
  193. Log activity from powerbar switches and level sensors
  194. Sensor with only max value (humidity)
  195. Password for email server settings limited to 16 characters
  196. Loosing dashboard settings
  197. Bug on chart shows weird lines
  198. Push notifications not working
  199. Top level menu is hidden for GHL connect in IOS 15.2.1
  200. profilux 3 ex wont connect to GHL APP firmware 6.46 as well as setting up doser
  201. Heartbeat /push notifications
  202. Logbook problem
  203. App notifications only working on local connection
  204. GHL Connect Charts 24hrs behind
  205. Myghl Apps slow response
  206. My wish list for next APP update
  207. iOS Connect app date time display issue
  208. Connect App issues with IOS 16.0
  209. Crash Reports
  210. Trying to connect to GHL Connect app
  211. Can't connect pre-loved PL-4 to GCC
  212. Can not login at GHL connect
  213. IOS 16 issue
  214. No chart on dashboard
  215. Dashboard - Graph
  216. "Light scenarios" tile not available on IOS devices and other issues
  217. GHL Connect Doser issue
  218. Issues with iOS app/interface
  219. GHL connect, manual switch channels "not working"
  220. Unable to connect through cloud
  221. iOS17 problem
  222. STDL4 Switch channel description in GHL Connect with Mini-wifi
  223. GHL Connect for Android crashing after update 3.26.5 earlier this week.
  224. Tapo C200 in GHL connect?