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  14. Can manually start a thunderstorm, but can't stop one......?
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  17. Pre-purchase Questions
  18. Relabel bottoms on touch
  19. Bottom heater symbol viseable, but i dont have one...??
  20. Touch Firmware 1.01
  21. Icons and bars missing.
  22. Help!!!
  23. Multiiple Feeding configuration's
  24. Thoughts on Touch
  25. Slow to refresh screen
  26. What I need for touch
  27. Firmware And Updates
  28. Manual operatoin pictures/icons are blurd
  29. Touch - Manual Control Sockets and Illumination
  30. Touch fw 1.03 - icons update failing
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  32. Is it possible?
  33. using the Profilux touch with a USB/CAT5 adapter for long runs.
  34. Touch Manual
  35. Why are the optimum viewing angels differed from on Touch to another?
  36. How do i show that a timer is currenly enabled on the display?
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  38. thunder storm
  39. Thunderstorms Part 2
  40. No data in graph's anymore after a 3 hour powerdown of the Touch?
  41. Touch and powerbar
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  43. Only 8hrs of graph showing on 1 probe
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  45. Touch Display Info
  46. How do i setup touch
  47. Own image
  48. touch manual
  49. PAB flashing
  50. level sensors
  51. Renaming things on touch.
  52. Profilux Touch
  53. Problem touch socket
  54. Firmware update
  55. Water Change Button on Profilux Touch is not Workng
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  58. Profilux Touch update
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  60. Touch Firmware update
  61. New Touch firmware 1.05 and Bugfix: compatibility issue with Powerbar-PAB (wrong curr
  62. Profilux Touch - Night mode
  63. Can Touch display Temp as Fahrenheit and Conductivity as SG?
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  65. Which Interface and How Long of Cable
  66. Touch manual
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  68. touch unvisable
  69. 2 touch panels, on profilux... is it possible ?
  70. where have the water change Icons gone
  71. Touch has blank/white display but responds to touch
  72. What cable?
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  75. Profilux touch 1.05
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  86. lost pumps
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  88. Temperature graph in C, not Fahrenheit
  89. profilux touch not showing in the gcc after upgrading 3x to firmware 6.29
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  91. Pab cable
  92. Cannot upload picture file to touch, and now i cant communicate with the panel
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  94. Adjusting temp graph scale values
  95. Can't find where to adjust sensor graph range or to display them aside from on touch
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  97. Feature Request?
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