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  4. Question about profilux plus 2 Ex / extended upgrade kit
  5. New user
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  7. LED (blue, white, red +flash) stick
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  14. P3 or P3ex
  15. Extras for my brand new Profilux 3EX
  16. What do I need?
  17. Profilux Vs. Apex
  18. question abot sunaECO connections
  19. Digital inputs
  20. ProfiLux to ceiling "ADA powermodule dimmerable 6x39w"
  21. Time keeping
  22. how many Extra splitters and LEDControl-1 do I need?
  23. How long do we have to wait??
  24. ProfiLux 3
  25. Dealer
  26. Conductivity cards
  27. Please help with what to order!
  28. ATO Automation and Leakage Detection
  29. Special serial cable?
  30. wireless module for mitras
  31. rs232 cable
  32. Aftersales: Connection cable for dosing pump
  33. would like to purchase a touch
  34. I need to control 5 tunze
  35. Dosing pumps and Touch
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  37. dosing pump cable
  38. ProfiLux Temperature Control
  39. Mitras in Köln
  40. UK version
  41. Extension box needed
  42. Mitra lightbar, which type for my aquarium?
  43. Mitras llightbar dimming.
  44. Controlling multiple pH-probes
  45. which unit should i get ?
  46. How do Australians buy mitras simu 55 or mitras light bar?
  47. what should i buy
  48. changing model type
  49. UPS backup system for my Profilux
  50. Decision about doser
  51. Doser 2 and ATO
  52. Doser 2
  53. New Controler System for several aquarium
  54. Cable length for probes in standard set
  55. Recomended quantity of Mitras LX 6100-HV for reef SPS tank 160*60*60(h) sm
  56. Lighting for 180L freshwater planted aquarium
  57. GHL Mitras upgradability
  58. Lighting for 520L freshwater planted Amazon biotope
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  60. Question on Basement sump with display upstairs
  61. Mitras Lightbar 2 & Ada Mini M Aquarium
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  63. PL4 and Tunze 6020 & 6030 pumps
  64. PL-0627 is no longer available?
  65. P4 Power failure monitor port
  66. New set up equipment check
  67. Flow Control + RD3
  68. Powerbar STDL4 or Powerbar 5.1
  69. Dimm socket on the powerbar5.1
  70. What do I need for this control?
  71. Sostituire il gruppo luce su MP Ehim Vivaline 126
  72. Number of mitras needed
  73. programmable logic of skimmer vs return pump
  74. LED Lighting for my Discus planted tank
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  76. Custom programming support
  77. Profilux 4 charts for ph, redox...
  78. A couple of questions before purchase...
  79. Mitras powerful enough for 90 cms / 36 inch deep tank?
  80. I do not have a PC, can I still setup and configure the Profilux 4
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  82. Some questions about the SMS module
  83. US Store vs International Store Pricing
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  86. GHL USA Office
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  92. Firmware update via webserver
  93. GHL Doser power for BE?
  94. Thinking of getting on board what do i need
  95. which version
  96. Audible Alarm
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