My green, high tech, ultra wide, nano tank - fully controlled by Profilux

The Profilux do its automation magic with: light intensity, water temperature heating and cooling, water circulation intensity, injection of several plant fertilizers, CO2 injection, water change and RO water mixing with carbonate water for water change.

80 liter, 200 x 20 x 20 cm. ! (on my special designed floating wall mount cabinet, with almost all the technical equipment integrated)

Profilux 3 ex
Sensors: Temp, 2 x PH, O2, 2 x mS, Redox
2 x PL-Optolevel
2 x Dosing Unit 4
Profilux Temperature Control 3
Powerbar 4
Profilux View
Several solenoid valves

21 x 3W RGB LED (625nm,530nm,470nm) 3 x 0-10 volt dimmable LED drivers.
500g JBL CO2 system
Jaqno CO2 reactor
50w substrate heater
Deltec 10w T5 UV
3 x Eheim 2213
IKS Aquastar 3000 24v circulation pump (0-10 volt variable)

Best regards from Denmark

PS. Looking forward to integrate the PAR light sensor head with my unused PLM-ADIN card combined with clever programmable logic for “realtime” light adjustments. Again combined with O2 measurement. If O2 goes to high from plant synthesis (too much light), light turns down in known increments, measured in real time by the PAR light sensor.
  1. technic
  2. IMG 1727 (Small)
  3. IMG 1731 (Small)
  4. IMG 1734 (Small)
  5. ss led armatur 0454
  6. ss led armatur 0451
  7. ss led armatur 0447
  8. ss led armatur 0442
  9. ss led armatur 0456
  10. ss led armatur 0450
  11. ss led armatur 0452
  12. In the wild   002
  13. In the wild   005
  14. In the wild   003
  15. In the wild   004
  16. In the wild   006
  17. apogee par instrument for light measure
  18. profilux temperature control 3
  19. In the wild   001
  20. in line sensors in Eheim canister
  21. In line sensors in Eheim canister
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