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280 Liters Walstad
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  1. RandyT
    This picture has a lot of interesting elements. Can you describe for us what things we see working together in this one? Thanks!
  2. Mistahbrock

    On the top left I had a small box with some centella asiatica, a swamp living cousin to the Hydrocotyle species seeds that never germinated, I dropped this since...

    Then I have a sponge under the overflow in order to dampen the splashing sound form the water coming down

    The flow goes under and up through some biohome ultimate media and on top there is a grate with live spagnum moss (I wanted to lower the PH without colouring the water), unfortunately I can't keep it growing so now there's just some algae and a smal colony of springtails...

    Actually this set has changed, I'll put up some pics tomorrow with the current elements

    Cheers, Brock
  3. Mistahbrock
    Hello Again

    Here is the current setup :
    The filter section, some ceramic rings, cheap bacteria houses, more rings - these are almost solid glass with no pores, probably crappy, hidden behind them I have two small jars with a six hole screw on lid containing 5 cm of fine filtersand, my own invention for reducing nitrates, they seem to work okay, my values are stable around 25 ppm

    I have four more in the return section, the inspiration to these small jars came form this site :

    After this, the water flow up trough a fine 30 PPI Sponge and a kilo of biome ultimate.

    This is a top view from the overflow and the top of the peat moss, I mean algae farm, with an unidentified hitchhiker plant coming up :

    More from the farm :

    Have a nice day, Brock
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