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    problem with L1-L2 in extra box

    How do I find L1 and L2 on my spare box ??
    Must use the 4 outputs to some light
    but when I look in the light group and in 1-10 volts, they only go from 1-32 but can not see
    what kind of one goes...
  2. Control of T5 with ghl which of these two

    Which of these two would be the right choice to connect to one's ghl computer because it can control T5 lights that can dimmers. Can not be sure if T5 turns off when the 1-10v signal comes to zero....
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    hung on a wall how??

    anyone som who has hung ghl boxes on a wall .
    if yes how
    take images of the solution
    can not take images of the solution
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